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Nomination for
"150 Faces Over 150 Years"

As we commemorate our school's incredible 150-year journey, we're thrilled to introduce "150 Faces Over 150 Years," a distinctive project aimed at showcasing the diverse and impactful stories that have shaped our institution. Our history is abundant with inspiring narratives, pioneering successes, and moments that have made a difference.

Is there someone you know who embodies the spirit of our school?

Someone whose story is too compelling to be left untold?


This is your invitation to nominate them. By doing so, you're not only recognising their invaluable impact but also ensuring their place in our shared chronicle. Each face, each story, will be a vivid representation of our shared legacy. Join us in this endeavour and nominate a face that has been instrumental in our collective journey. This will be made into a book to purchase at the end of the year.

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